Caelus Python Library (CPL)

Date:Dec 06, 2021

Caelus Python Library is a companion package for interacting with OpenFOAM and its derivative Caelus CML open-source CFD packages. The library provides utilities for pre and post-processing, as well as automating various aspects of the CFD simulation workflow. Written in Python, it provides a consistent user-interface across the three major operating systems Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X ensuring that the scripts written in one platform can be quickly copied and used on other platforms.

Like CML, CPL is also an open-source library released under the Apache License Version 2.0 license. See Apache License Version 2.0 for more details on use and distribution.

This documentation is split into two parts: a user and a developer manual. New users should start with the user manual that provides an overview of the features and capabilities currently available in CPL, the installation process and examples of usage. The developer manual documents the application programming interface (API) and is useful for users and developers looking to write their own python scripts to extend functionality or add features to the library. See Introduction for more details.

User Manual

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