Command-line Applications

CPL provides command-line interface (CLI) to several frequently used workflows without having to write custom python scripts to access features within the library. These CLI apps are described in detail in the following sections.

Common CLI options

All CPL command-line applications support a few common options. These options are described below:

-h, --help

Print a brief help message that describes the purpose of the application and what options are available when interacting with the application.


Print the CPL version number and exit. Useful for submitting bug-reports, etc.

-v, --verbose

Increase the verbosity of messages printed to the standard output. Use -vv and -vvv to progressively increase verbosity of output.


Disable logging messages from the script to a log file.


Specify CML version to use for this particular invocation of CPL command.

--cli-logs log_file

Customize the filename used to capture log messages during execution. This overrides the configuration parameter log_file provided in the user configuration files.