caelus_sim – Parametric Run CLI

The caelus_sim is a shell executable that provides a command-line interface to setup and execute a parametric analysis. Currently, the following sub-commands are available through caelus_sim executable. Please see Parametric runs using CPL tutorial for a detailed description of usage.

Action Purpose
setup Setup a new parametric run
prep Execute pre-processing actions
solve Run the solver
post Execute post-processing actions
status Print out status of the analysis


The script also supports common options documented previously. Care must be taken to include the common options before the subcommand, i.e.,

# Correct usage
caelus_sim -v setup

# Incorrect usage, will generate an error
caelus_sim setup -v

caelus_sim setup – Setup a parametric run

By default, this command will parse the caelus_sim.yaml input file and setup a new analysis under a new directory name provided either at the command line or in the input file. The individual cases corresponding to the run matrix appear as subdirectories to the top-level analysis directory.

$ caelus_sim setup -h
usage: caelus_sim setup [-h] [-n SIM_NAME] [-d BASE_DIR] [-s] [-p]
                        [-f SIM_CONFIG]

setup a parametric run

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -n SIM_NAME, --sim-name SIM_NAME
                        name of this simulation group
  -d BASE_DIR, --base-dir BASE_DIR
                        base directory where the simulation structure is
  -s, --submit          submit solve jobs on successful setup
  -p, --prep            run pre-processing steps after successful setup
  -f SIM_CONFIG, --sim-config SIM_CONFIG
                        YAML-formatted simulation configuration
-f, --sim-config

The input file containing the details of the analysis to be performed. Default value is caelus_sim.yaml

-n, --sim-name

Name of this parametric run. This option overrides the sim_name entry in the input file.

-d, --base-dir

Directory where the parametric analysis is setup. This directory must exist. Default value is the current working directory.

-s, --submit

Submit the solve jobs after setup is complete.

-p, --prep

Run pre-processing tasks upon successful setup.

caelus_sim status – Print status of the parametric runs

This command prints out the status of the runs so far. The meanings of the different status types are described in the table below

Status Description
Setup Case setup successfully
Prepped Pre-processing completed
Submitted Solver initialized
Running Solver is running
Solved Solve has completed
DONE Post-processing completed
FAILED Some action failed