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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Caelus Job Manager Interface


import os
import logging

from ..config import config
from ..utils import osutils
from .hpc_queue import get_job_scheduler

_lgr = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class CaelusCmd(object): """CML execution interface. CaelusCmd is a high-level interface to execute CML binaries within an appropriate enviroment across different operating systems. """ def __init__(self, cml_exe, casedir=None, cml_env=None, output_file=None): """ Args: cml_exe (str): The binary to be executed (e.g., blockMesh) casedir (path): Absolute path to case directory cml_env (CMLEnv): Environment used to run the executable output_file (file): Filename to redirect all output """ #: CPL configuration object self.cfg = config.get_config() #: CML program to be executed self.cml_exe = cml_exe #: Case directory self.casedir = casedir or os.getcwd() #: CML version used for this run self.cml_env = cml_env exe_base, _ = os.path.splitext( os.path.basename(cml_exe)) #: Log file where all output and error are captured self.output_file = (output_file or "%s.log"%exe_base) #: Handle to the subprocess instance running the command self.runner = get_job_scheduler()(self.cml_exe) #: Is this a parallel run self.parallel = False self.num_mpi_ranks = 1 #: Arguments passed to the CML executable self.cml_exe_args = "" #: Extra arguments passed to MPI self.mpi_extra_args = "" self.job_id = None @property def num_mpi_ranks(self): """Number of MPI ranks for a parallel run""" return self.runner.num_ranks @num_mpi_ranks.setter def num_mpi_ranks(self, nranks): nranks = int(nranks) self.runner.num_ranks = nranks if nranks > 1: self.parallel = True @property def mpi_extra_args(self): """Extra arguments to pass to MPI command""" return self.runner.mpi_extra_args @mpi_extra_args.setter def mpi_extra_args(self, value): self.runner.mpi_extra_args = value
[docs] def prepare_exe_cmd(self): """Prepare the shell command and return as a string Returns: The CML command invocation with all its options """ cmd_args = (" -parallel " + self.cml_exe_args if self.parallel else self.cml_exe_args) cmd_line = self.cml_exe + " " + cmd_args if self.runner.is_job_scheduler(): cmd_line += " >& %s"%self.output_file else: self.runner.stdout = self.output_file return cmd_line
[docs] def prepare_shell_cmd(self): """Prepare the complete command line string as executed""" return (self.runner.prepare_mpi_cmd() + " " + self.prepare_exe_cmd() if self.parallel else self.prepare_exe_cmd())
def __call__(self, wait=True, job_dependencies=None): """Run the executable""" with osutils.set_work_dir(self.casedir): runner = self.runner runner.cml_env = self.cml_env runner.script_body = self.prepare_shell_cmd() if runner.is_job_scheduler(): # pylint: disable=no-else-return self.job_id = runner( job_dependencies=job_dependencies) return 0 else: return runner(wait=wait)