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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

Caelus Tasks Manager

import os
import glob
import logging
import shutil
from collections import OrderedDict
import six
from ..utils import osutils
from ..utils.struct import Struct
from . import core as run_cmds
from import SolverLog
from import CaelusPlot
from ..config import cmlenv
from import dictfile as cmlio
from .cmd import CaelusCmd
from .hpc_queue import python_execute

_lgr = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]class TasksMeta(type): """Process available tasks within each Tasks class. :class:`TasksMeta` is a metaclass that automates the process of creating a lookup table for tasks that have been implemented within the :class:`Tasks` and any of its subclasses. Upon initialization of the class, it populates a class attribute ``task_map`` that contains a mapping between the task name (used in the tasks YAML file) and the corresponding method executed by the Tasks class executed. """ def __init__(cls, name, bases, cdict): super(TasksMeta, cls).__init__(name, bases, cdict) parent = super(cls, cls) task_map = (OrderedDict(parent.task_map) if hasattr(parent, "task_map") else OrderedDict()) for key, value in cdict.items(): if key.startswith("cmd_"): fname = key[4:] task_map[fname] = value cls.task_map = task_map
[docs]@six.add_metaclass(TasksMeta) class Tasks(object): """Caelus Tasks. Tasks provides a simple automated workflow interface that provides various pre-defined actions via a YAML file interface. The tasks are defined as methods with a ``cmd_`` prefix and are automaticaly converted to task names. Users can create additional tasks by subclassing and adding additional methods with ``cmd_`` prefix. These methods accept one argument ``options``, a dictionary containing parameters provided by the user for that particular task. """ def __init__(self): #: List of tasks that must be performed self.tasks = [] #: File that was used to load tasks self.task_file = "None" #: Directory where the tasks are to be executed self.case_dir = None #: Caelus environment used when executing tasks self.env = None self.dep_job_id = None self.task_set_count = 0
[docs] @classmethod def load(cls, task_file="caelus_tasks.yaml", task_node="tasks"): """Load tasks from a YAML file. If ``exedir is None`` then the execution directory is set to the directory where the tasks file is found. Args: task_file (filename): Path to the YAML file """ self = cls.__new__(cls) absfile = osutils.abspath(task_file) act_file = Struct.load_yaml(absfile) if "tasks" not in act_file: raise KeyError("Cannot find tasks list in file: " + task_file) self.tasks = act_file[task_node] self.task_file = absfile"Loaded tasks from: %s", absfile) return self
def __call__(self, case_dir=None, env=None): """Execute the tasks Args: case_dir: Absolute path to the case directory (default: CWD) env (CMLEnv): Environment used for the runs """ self._validate_tasks() self.case_dir = case_dir or os.getcwd() self.case_dir = osutils.abspath(self.case_dir) self.env = env or cmlenv.cml_get_version() self.dep_job_id = None self.task_set_count = 0 self.used_job_scheduler = False act_map = self.task_map num_tasks = len(self.tasks)"Begin executing tasks in %s", self.case_dir) with osutils.set_work_dir(self.case_dir): for act in self.tasks: for key in act: act_map[key](self, act[key])"Successfully executed %d tasks in %s", num_tasks, self.case_dir) def _validate_tasks(self): """Validate tasks provided by the user before executing""" invalid_tasks = [] for act in self.tasks: for key in act: if key not in self.task_map: invalid_tasks.append(key) if invalid_tasks: print("Invalid tasks detected: ") for act in invalid_tasks: print(" - " + act) print("Valid tasks are: ") for key, value in self.task_map.items(): docstr = value.__doc__ desc = (docstr.strip().split("\n")[0] if docstr else "No help description.") print(" - %s - %s"%(key, desc)) raise RuntimeError("Invalid tasks provided")
[docs] def cmd_run_command(self, options): """Execute a Caelus CML binary. This method is an interface to :class:`CaelusCmd` """ cml_exe = options.cmd_name log_file = options.get("log_file", None) cml_cmd = CaelusCmd(cml_exe, casedir=self.case_dir, cml_env=self.env, output_file=log_file) parallel = options.get("parallel", False) cml_cmd.cml_exe_args = options.get("cmd_args", "") cml_cmd.parallel = parallel if parallel: cml_cmd.num_mpi_ranks = options.get( "num_ranks", run_cmds.get_mpi_size(self.case_dir)) cml_cmd.mpi_extra_args = options.get( "mpi_extra_args", "") if "queue_settings" in options: cml_cmd.runner.update(options["queue_settings"])"Executing command: %s", cml_exe) job_dep = [self.dep_job_id] if self.dep_job_id else None status = cml_cmd(job_dependencies=job_dep) self.dep_job_id = cml_cmd.job_id self.used_job_scheduler = cml_cmd.runner.is_job_scheduler() if status != 0: raise RuntimeError("Error executing command: %s"%cml_exe)
[docs] def cmd_run_python(self, options): """Execute a python script""" pyscript = options.script pysfull = osutils.abspath(pyscript) pyargs = options.get("script_args", "") pylog = options.get("log_file", None) log_to_file = options.get("log_to_file", True) if not osutils.path_exists(pysfull): raise FileNotFoundError("Python file not found: %s", pyscript) status = python_execute( pysfull, pyargs, env=self.env, log_file=pylog, log_to_file=log_to_file) if status != 0: raise RuntimeError( "Error executing python script: %s"%pyscript)
[docs] def cmd_copy_files(self, options): """Copy given file(s) to the destination.""" srcfiles = glob.glob(options.src) dest = options.dest if not srcfiles: raise RuntimeError( "Error src pattern %s returns no files", options.src) if len(srcfiles) > 1: osutils.ensure_directory(dest) for srcfile in srcfiles: shutil.copy2(srcfile, dest)
[docs] def cmd_copy_tree(self, options): """Recursively copy a given directory to the destination.""" srcdir = options.src destdir = options.dest ignore_pat = options.get("ignore_patterns", None) symlinks = options.get("preserve_symlinks", False) ignore_func = None if ignore_pat: ignore_func = shutil.ignore_patterns(*ignore_pat) osutils.copy_tree(srcdir, destdir, symlinks=symlinks, ignore_func=ignore_func)
[docs] def cmd_clean_case(self, options): """Clean a case directory""" purge_all = options.get("purge_all", False) purge_generated = options.get("purge_generated", purge_all) remove_zero = options.get("remove_zero", purge_all) remove_mesh = options.get("remove_mesh", purge_all) remove_times = options.get("remove_time_dirs", purge_generated) remove_processors = options.get("remove_processor", purge_generated) preserve_extra = options.get("preserve", None) remove_extra = options.get("remove_extra", None)"Cleaning case directory: %s", self.case_dir) run_cmds.clean_casedir(self.case_dir, preserve_zero=(not remove_zero), preserve_times=(not remove_times), preserve_processors=(not remove_processors), purge_mesh=remove_mesh, preserve_extra=preserve_extra) if remove_extra: osutils.remove_files_dirs(remove_extra, self.case_dir)
[docs] def cmd_process_logs(self, options): """Process logs for a case""" log_file = options.log_file lgfile = os.path.join(self.case_dir, log_file) if self.used_job_scheduler and not os.path.exists(lgfile):"Skipping process_logs; job submitted on scheduler") return logs_dir = options.get("logs_directory", "logs")"Processing log file: %s", log_file) clog = SolverLog( case_dir=self.case_dir, logs_dir=logs_dir, logfile=log_file) do_plots = options.get("plot_residuals", None) if do_plots: plot_file = options.get("residuals_plot_file", "residuals.png") fields = options.get("residuals_fields", clog.fields) cerrors = options.get("plot_continuity_errors", False) plot = CaelusPlot(self.case_dir) dname, fname = os.path.split(plot_file) plot.plotdir = dname or os.getcwd() plot.solver_log = clog plot.plot_continuity_errors = cerrors plot.plot_residuals_hist(plotfile=fname, fields=fields)"Residual time history saved to %s", plot_file) try: with osutils.set_work_dir(self.case_dir): cname = os.path.basename(self.case_dir) with open(cname+".foam", 'w') as fh: fh.write(" ") except IOError: _lgr.warning("Error creating .foam file")
[docs] def cmd_exec_tasks(self, options): """Execute another task file""" task_file = options.task_file casedir = os.path.dirname(task_file) tasks = Tasks.load(task_file)"Executing tasks from file: %s", task_file) tasks(case_dir=casedir, env=self.env)
[docs] def cmd_task_set(self, options): """A subset of tasks for grouping""" self.task_set_count += 1 name = options.get("name", "Task set #%d"%self.task_set_count) casedir = osutils.abspath(options.case_dir)"Executing task set: %s", name) tasks = Tasks() tasks.tasks = options.tasks tasks.task_file = self.task_file tasks(case_dir=casedir, env=self.env)
[docs] def cmd_change_inputs(self, options): """Change input files in case directory""" dictfile_map = cmlio.cml_std_files for key, value in options.items(): obj = None if key in dictfile_map: cls = dictfile_map[key] obj = cls.read_if_present() else: obj = cmlio.DictFile.read_if_present(filename=key)"Updating file: %s", key) obj.write()